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shyte platformer

a platformer, written in rust using bevy. rather unserious.

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what's this?

mr shyte goes for a walk, but oh no, a rude individual appears! guess it's time he killed everyone in his path.

this is a quick and dirty platformer i made to familiarise myself with the bevy game engine. open source.

deep story, multiple endings

using player action analysis the game will determine the best ending for your playstyle. with over 6 lines of text dialogue you're sure to be engrossed from the start.

uses very powerful tooling

built using rust with bevy, rapier2d, bevy_tweening, bevy-parallax, bevy_particle_systems and iyes_loopless. incredible graphics created in krita. sfxr sound effects, and an ardour backing track too!

pause menu

there is a pause menu, so you don't have to play the whole game without pausing it. incredible!


i hope you enjoy this shyte platformer (: